5 Key Benefits of Lemongrass

#1 A Good Nights Sleep

Lemongrass has been known to fix insomnia and allow you to get a good nights sleep. The scent is relaxing and not overpowering, giving a calming effect. 


#2 Stress Relief

We all have stress with different varying degrees. Lemongrass will relieve stress and bring you into a calming state.


#3 Meditation / Mindfulness

At least 30 - 45 minutes before I sit down to meditate I always light my Lemongrass candle. The fragrance helps to balance out a room and take me into a meditative state a lot faster.


#4 Insect Repellent

Lemongrass is also known for keeping pesky insects at bay with its natural essential oil.


#5 Reduce Headaches

Researchers have found that this refreshing fragrance helps to reduce headaches and irritability and to prevent drowsiness


We hope you enjoy experiencing our Lemongrass Candle as much as we enjoy making them.


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