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Rose and Geranium Candle

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Bespoke hand-made and poured natural soy wax candles in vintage style mason jars.  

Richly warm & feminine, a beautiful scent of rose top notes laced with the sweet floral aroma of Geranium.



As you are walking through a Rose garden, the scent of Geranium captures your attention. Geraniums have been planted in-between the Roses and the crossover of the two scents mingling and playing together is beautiful.



Don't forget, to avoid smoking from the candle to always trim the wick to at least 5mm or 1/4 inch.



  • Natural soy
  • Double Ply Wood Wick
  • 650g (including the jar)
  • 80+ hours burn time

Once you've enjoyed the candle, the stylish mason jar is 100% re-usable! Give the jar a good clean using hot soapy water and ensure the base of the wick is removed too. Then it's ready for serving up ice cold juices or cocktails.

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